Inverse Problem Ltd (IPL) is an engineering consulting firm which specializes in:

  1. Producing high-quality software for the modelling and optimization of industrial energy units such as steam boilers and turbines using our JSteam Excel Add-In.

  2. Consulting activities in industrial systems operations, such as modelling, tuning, optimization and control audits.

  3. MATLAB and Simulink training, as well as industrial courses in control and automation.

IPL grew out of the academic research activities undertaken by the Industrial Information and Control Centre which is a joint collaboration between the Auckland University of Technology and the University of Auckland. The company was incorporated in October 2012.

About the Name

The term “inverse problem” originated in the renaissance when mathematics and science was more of an art, and systematic solution strategies were just starting to be developed. The term refers to today what we would call regression or curve fitting: after collecting some data, we try to back-calculate the underlying physical-chemical relations that underpin the process. Fundamentally, these are the sorts of problems that we do best. Finally of course, the inverse of a problem is the solution.