JSteam Excel Add In

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The JSteam Excel Add-In integrates high-speed, rigorous thermodynamics into Excel, together with a user-friendly interface. Complete mass and energy balances using industrially hardened correlations such as IAPWS for water and steam, and NIST's REFPROP for hydrocarbons, organics, refrigerants and other compounds.

In addition, JSteam provides a suite of tools and models for building a Process Flow Diagram (PFD) of your current utility system, no matter how big! Drop in functions include steam boilers, turbines, compressors, valves and pumps. Purchase the combustion module and estimate the fuel gas usage and emissions of your boilers, furnaces and gas turbines, or the ORC module for modelling geothermal systems based on lower temperature organic cycles, or other common refrigerant cycles.

JSteam is available as a base package with upgradable modules, so only purchase the modules which you require.

Base Package Features

  • Water and Steam thermodynamics based on the IAPWS 1997 standard (including amendments to 2011).
  • Common steam functions such as Enthalpy, Entropy, Heat Capacity, Volume, Temperature, Pressure, and Quality valid up to 500 bar and 2000°C.
  • General component thermodynamics for a range of hydrocarbons, organics, refrigerants and common elements and compounds, using the REFPROP, including mixture flash calculations.
  • A wide range of steady-state utility unit operations such as multi-stage steam turbines and compressors, pumps and simple boilers.
  • Customizable units, work with values most suitable to your industry.
  • Full multi-threaded support for parallel calculations using Excel.
  • Full help manual with getting started guide, and detailed step-by-step tutorials.

Combustion Module Features

The combustion module adds six new unit operation models to JSteam for modelling systems where fuel balances, combustion and emission calculations are required. Each models allows a natural gas fuel specified with a range common hydrocarbon and combustible compounds, coupled with detailed thermodynamic calculations and combustion calculations to generate estimates of fuel usage, emissions, and equipment operating conditions.

  • Fired Boiler model to predict fuel usage and emissions based on steam production.
  • Two high temperature furnace models including sulfurous calculations to predict the acid dew point.
  • Two simple gas turbine generator models with optional steam injection.
  • Heat recovery steam generator model coupled to a gas turbine generator with optional secondary firing.

ORC Module Features

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) module adds twenty new unit operation models to JSteam for modelling systems with organic and refrigerant working fluids. The full set of models allows a complete geothermal power station to be modelled using one of the most accurate thermodynamics packages available.

  • Duty and flow based turbines and compressors, including multi-stage variants.
  • A collection of heater and cooler models for modelling heat exchangers.
  • Common plant equipment such as valves and pumps.
  • Dedicated equations of state for each refrigerant/organic for increased thermodynamic accuracy.