JSteam Online Help Manual

Further Reading: Other JSteam Interfaces


As well as being accessible via Excel, JSteam is also available via multiple other platforms, as detailed below. Each of these platforms are not officially distributed or supported, but may be requested if you contact us and describe what you are wanting to do. In some instances the extra interface can be included for free with your existing license.


JSteam is used primarily within our research team via MATLAB, thus a mature interface is available for 64bit versions of MATLAB. A dedicated MEX interface allows full access to all JSteam functionality, and includes parallelized libraries for high-speed multi-core thermodynamics.


The JSteam Excel interface actually includes the .NET interface as a DLL, thus is already available on your PC. You will however most likely require the header file to fully leverage the interface. Send us an email with what you are trying to do and we may be able to assist. Currently JSteam only supports .NET 4.0 and above as x86 and amd64 builds.


Using the .NET interface above, you can integrate JSteam easily into your next LabView project.


As all of JSteam is written in native C++, we can supply a Win32 (x86 or amd64) DLL which includes all the functionality of JSteam. This is the highest performance interface to JSteam, and while not parallelized, is fully threadsafe for higher level parallelization.