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o Changes
x Bug fix
+ Addition

Version 3.25 (12/02/17)

+ Added experimental feature to allow changing units in existing models.
x Fixed bug when switching between workbooks with different units.

Version 3.22 (01/02/17)

o Small update for first install window.

Version 3.21 (12/01/17)

o Small updates for next validation release.

Version 3.20 (28/03/16)

o Recompiled against VC++ 14.0 and .NET 4.5.2
x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.16 (23/07/15)

+ Added a lot more internal testing to verify JSteam performance
x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.15 (13/07/15)

+ Added many new units to JSteam
+ Added unit conversion utility
+ Added new fluid/mixture information routines
+ Added default inputs to many unit operations
o Changed default Thermal Conductivity unit to mW/(m.K)
x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.13 (10/05/15)

x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.12 (07/05/15)

x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.11 (05/05/15)

x A number of small bug fixes

Version 3.10 (04/05/15) [Major Release - Not Backwards Compatible]

+ Added NIST REFPROP for all fuel gas thermodynamic calculations
+ Added ORC module (unit operations + thermodynamics)
o Added two new parameters to HRSG model
o Added relative air humidity to combustion models
o Added air pressure to combustion models
o Changed composition sheet naming + available components
o Rebuilt installer, now uses installshield
x A number of small bug fixes

Version 2.07 (29/04/14)

x Fixed bug with pressure units in Gas Turbine and HRSG
+ Added new imperial units

Version 2.06 (16/12/13)

+ Added extra volume calculation sub-regions within IAPWS Region 3

Version 2.05 (03/11/12)

+ Added functionality to install a license on a computer with UAC
o Demo version now limited to water and steam thermodynamics only
o Licensing now performed at DLL level
o Installer now automatically removes older version of JSteam
o Confirmed successful operation on Windows 8 x64 with Office 2013 x64
x Corrected thermal conductivity calculations of water

Version 2.01 (28/10/12)

+ Added viscosity and thermal conductivity to general components (gas only)
+ Added viscosity and thermal conductivity to water
x Fixed license bug associated with UAC level

Version 2.00 (25/10/12)

o Renaming of compressors, turbines, boilers, furnaces, gas turbines and desuperheaters
o Combustion unit operations split from general function tree
o Major documentation update
x Fixed duty based single stage compressor bug
x Fixed efficiency units for multi stage turbines/compressors

Version 1.75 (09/10/12)

+ Added support for Excel 2013 32 / 64 bit
+ Updated licensing to support future functionality

Version 1.72 (20/09/12)

+ Added support for Excel 2010 64bit

Version 1.71 (21/08/12)

o Small documentation updates x Updated installer to allow administrative install to all users
Version 1.70 (22/07/12) o Integrated demo & full version into a single executable
o Demo version can now be activated to full version with a license

Version 1.65 (27/06/12)

+ Added triple stage flow and duty based turbines
+ Added regression based single stage turbine
x Fixed bug in compositions (H2 and CO were switched)

Version 1.63 (18/05/12)

+ Added examples button
+ Added steam table examples
x Fixed bug when switching units between workbooks
o Updated tutorial to latest format

Version 1.62 (13/05/12)

+ Added Rankine as temperature unit
o Changed mass flow units from [ton/h, kg/h] to [tonne/hr, kg/hr]
o Changed function assistant window to allow resizing

Version 1.60 (12/05/12)

o Updates to graphical interfa x Fixed bug with normalizing compositions

Version 1.55 (18/03/12)

o Rebuilt against latest Visual Studio libraries and now compatible with Excel 2010 (32 bit)

Version 1.51 (22/03/11)

x Added warning when VBA project model object is not trusted. Updated documentation to walk through.

Version 1.5 (12/01/11)

o Rewrite of JSteam engine to increase computation speed.
o Dropped basis control.
+ New installer checks for pre-requisities.

Version 1.0 (12/11/10)

First official release