Solving Constraint Integer Programs [Supplied]

SCIP is a very competitive MILP solver, reported as the fastest non-commercial MIP solver! It also solves non-convex quadratic (and quadratically constrained) problems to global optimality, quite nifty huh!

Starting from OPTI v1.73 SCIP also solves a subset of NLPs and MINLPs to global optimality.

CategoryOpen Source
Manager Dr. Thorsten Koch
License ZIB Academic License1
Home Page SCIP Home Page
Download Page SCIP Download Page
MEX InterfaceOPTI Version Supplied
Pre-Requisites CppAD, SoPlex, IPOPT
Version Suppliedv4.0.0

1SCIP is only included the Academic version of OPTI.


T. Achterberg, "SCIP: Solving constraint integer programs," Mathematical Programming Computation 1(1), pp. 1-41, 2009

Obtaining a Commercial SCIP License

If you would like to use SCIP via MATLAB for commercial applications then you can contact the SCIP license manager at the following address: koch(at)zib(dot)de. You will then be able to download the SCIP MEX files via an emailed link.