JSteam Online Help Manual

Getting Started Guide

Naming Conventions

CpIsobaric Heat CapacityHEnthalpyQDuty / Power
CvIsochoric Heat CapacitySEntropyVVolume
UViscosityTTemperatureXQuality (Vapor Fraction)
KThermal ConductivityPPressureMMass/Mole Flow
cComponent (Pure Fluid)mMixture (Composition)

Thermodynamic and transport functions are named using the following strategy:

OutputInput 1Input 2

such as HPT calculates enthalpy (H), given pressure (P) and temperature (T) for Water/Steam using IAPWS IF-97, or:

OutputComponentInput 1Input 2

HcPT calculates enthalpy given a component (fluid) name, pressure, and temperature, using REFPROP. Equally, HmPT calculates enthalpy given a mixture (from a mixture sheet), pressure and temperature.

Essential Reading

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Inserting Functions
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Creating Mixtures
How to create mixtures of elements and compounds for thermodynamic and combustion calculations.
Estimating Variables
Details the "Estimate" function and where it is useful.