JSteam Online Help Manual

Getting Started Guide: JSteam Ribbon


This brief section will describe the various elements on the JSteam Ribbon, and how they can be effectively used. The screenshot below is from Excel 2010, your Ribbon may look slightly different in other versions of Excel.

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Insert - FunctionPaste a JSteam function.
Insert - ImagePaste a thumbnail.
Insert - StylePaste a display unit.
Options - UnitsSelect workbook units (for both calculation and display)
Help - HelpLaunch the JSteam Help Browser
Help - ExamplesLoads a folder containing several JSteam examples
Help - AboutDisplays a window with version information about JSteam, as well as current licenses.

Insert - Function

Launches the JSteam Function Assistant to aid inserting any of the JSteam functions. See the Getting Started page, Inserting Functions, on how to use this interface.

Insert - Image

If you are modelling a utility system then it likely you will want to draw a Process Flow Diagram (PFD). The PFD is a static image representing your actual utility system, and is used as a visual aid for modelling and connecting functions. You should spend some time performing this step in order to create an accurate and easy to read diagram. For the various unit operations in the system, pre-drawn images are available from the "Image" button on the JSteam Ribbon:

The pasted images can then be connected using lines and arrows available from the "Shapes" button on the standard Excel "Insert" Tab:

Note by holding "ALT" the lines will snap to the closest cell border which will aid keeping the diagram tidy. Typically the PFD will be drawn on it's own sheet.

Tip: Complete the PFD before inserting modelling functions.

Insert - Style

The number format of a cell can be changed to match the type of unit within it by using the Insert "Style" menu:

For example if the number 10 was a pressure, selecting Style -> Pressure will read the current JSteam units and paste the correct number format:

All styles default to displaying two decimal places.

Options - Units

Most of the calculation and display units are customizable within JSteam. To change any of the units, simply click on the Units button. See the Units Section in the Getting Started page, Workbook Setup. In addition, the Units window contains a unit conversion utility that can be used at any time.

Help - Help

Launches the JSteam Help Browser, containing detailed JSteam Documentation.

Help - Examples

Launches Windows Explorer and navigates to a directory containing several JSteam examples. These include thermodynamic charts, as well as completed examples from the tutorials.

Help - About

Launches a window which contains the following details and functionality:

  • JSteam Version
  • License Information
  • System MAC Address (required when purchasing a license)
  • Install License button (for installing a new license into JSteam)
  • Support Button for automatically generating required debug information in an email.