JSteam Online Help Manual

JSteam Excel Add In Installation Guide

This guide will help you quickly install and license the JSteam Excel Add In. The guide should be completed in order, or you can jump to a step directly below.

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  1. Downloading the Add In
  2. Installing the Add In
  3. Starting the Add In
  4. Installing a License
  5. Trusting the VBA Object Model
  6. Locating your MAC address

Downloading the Add In

The latest version of JSteam Excel Add-In is available from Dropbox here.

Note that the JSteam Excel Add In is only available for Office 32-bit. If you require a 64-bit version, please contact us via the Inverse Problem homepage.

Installing the Add In

JSteam Excel Add-In is supplied as a standalone executable that will automatically install all pre-requisites as the installation progresses. The exception is .NET v4.0 (a set of Microsoft libraries) which the user will be directed to download before installation can commence.

Once installation is complete, the add-in will be available to all users on the installation PC. No reboot is generally required, but if you encounter any installation problems, it is suggested.

Excel 2007 Users: JSteam Excel requires users to have at least Excel Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed in order to function. The installer should recognise if this is missing, and direct you to download it. If not, the link below can be used to download it from Microsoft:


Note if Window’s Updates are enabled on your PC then this service pack should already have been installed (it was released in 2011).

Pre-Requisites: For system administrators the following pre-requisites are bundled (and automatically installed) with JSteam Excel:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) – VC++ 14.0 CRT
  • Intel Visual Fortran Redistributable (IA-32) – ifort 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies - only installed if Excel 2007 is detected.

Starting the Add In

Once the Add-In has been successfully installed simply start Excel and you should see a new Ribbon Tab called JSteam. By default JSteam is not loaded when Excel starts, therefore to load it click Load -> JSteam, as shown below:

The first time JSteam is loaded you will be presented with the following window:

The options you have at this point are as follows:

a) Purchase the full version, including optional add-on modules. Clicking the button will take you our website where you can complete the purchase. While you are waiting for your license to arrive you may begin to use JSteam by clicking “Use Demo”.

b) Install a license sent to you via email. Once we have received your payment confirmation or license request we will send you a .lic file to your email address. See the next section for instructions on installing your license, or simply click this button and locate the license file.

c) Request a license that you have purchased. Once you have purchased JSteam we need your computer's MAC address in order to generate your license file. Clicking this button will automatically generate an email with the required information, which you can then simply click "Send" on. We will generate your license file as soon as possible, and email it back to you.

d) Request a 30 day evaluation license, which enables all functionality and optional modules. Clicking the button will take you to our website where you can complete the request. While you are waiting for license to arrive you may begin to use JSteam by clicking “Use Demo”.

e) Use JSteam Excel Add In in demo mode which is limited to water and steam thermodynamic functions only.

Installing a License

Once you have received a license file (.lic) from us please save it to your computer somewhere you can find it again, for example on the desktop. To install the license complete the following steps:

a) Start Excel, then click Load JSteam from the JSteam Ribbon.

b) Click About:

c) Click Install License:

d) Find the .lic file we emailed you (for example on the desktop as above, and click Open).

e) If you have Windows User Access Control (UAC – the window that asks are you sure you want to let a program modify your computer) enabled you will need to give JSteam permission to copy to the license file to your Program Files directory. Click OK, then Yes in the following window (don’t worry if you don’t see this window):

f) Your new license file is now installed, and you will see a window indicating the operation was successful. Restart Excel to enable the new license functionality. This process can be repeated to install a new license if required. Licensed functionality will be listed in the About Window.

g) If your license did not install successfully you will need to manually copy it to the directory indicated in the error window. Please ensure you rename your license file to JSteam.lic to ensure JSteam can find it.

Trusting the VBA Object Model

JSteam uses the VBA Object model to track the compositions sheet, as well as the current unit set between workbooks. By default it is not enabled, thus the first time you install JSteam into Excel you will need to perform the following steps. Note the description below is for Excel 2010, but it is very similar for the other versions:

a) Start Excel, Click File -> Options

b) On the Trust Center tab, click Trust Center Settings:

c) On the Macro Settings tab, ensure “Trust access to the VBA Object Model” is ticked:

d) Click OK to save the changes, then Restart Excel to update the object model settings.

Locating your MAC address

To license your copy of JSteam we require the MAC address of the computer you wish to use install and use JSteam on. To make this process easy, JSteam automatically displays your computer’s MAC address in the About window.

A MAC address is a 12 digit hexadecimal (0-9 and A-F) number, such as:


In order to obtain your MAC address, please complete the following steps:

a) Ensure Ethernet and Wireless adaptors are turned on. For example if using a laptop, ensure WiFi is turned on, and the laptop is plugged into a power outlet. Some brands of laptops disable the Ethernet (network) adaptor when not plugged in, which can cause license authentication to fail. Desktops should not normally have this problem (unless using a Wireless USB Adaptor, therefore ensure it is plugged in).

b) Complete the Download, Install and Start JSteam steps above, and when prompted to select a licensing option, click Use Demo.

c) Click About on the JSteam Ribbon:

d) Within the box “System MAC Address:” copy and paste the 12 digit hexadecimal number in an email to us at support@inverseproblem.co.nz:

e) Once you have received your license from us, complete the license install step above to install the license.